Hi all, would like to hear what you think of this, what you like/dislike, what it sounds like etc and will return a critique no probs

The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
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Very slick introduction in to a darkly fizzing groove. The production, engineering and playing are all of a professional standard, giving this a polished, classy feel.
The female vocal is cleaner than I would usually expect with this crunchy rocky style, but it holds the stage due to its full rounded tone and unforced power.
The song is well structured and arranged, but I feel that the song itself is a bit average, and the vocal range is a bit narrow, resulting in an emotional blandness.
However, this is a very capable band, very tight and together, and the vocalist is very good, in fact her pellucid clear voice is a feature in itself. I feel that they deserve a better song than this to fully demonstrate their sound.
Zen Juddhism is a great name for a band too.
Further listening leaves me satisfied with the verse sections, and the bridge, but the chorus simply does not lift the song - this is the cause of my disappointment, sorry!
Also the middle instrumental part leaves me a bit flat.
Further listening reinforces the strength and appeal of the excellent vocalist, and the overall musicianship and sound of the band.
C4C here, thanks.
Hey man, thanks for you critique on my thread.

I got to say, I don't usually listen to this kind of music, but it grew on me. I just love the main riff and its tone. And it's composed pretty well, it doesn't seem repetitive, and the voice has an awesome Nightwish feel to it. As far as it goes production wise - it has no flaws, it's perfectly made.
Thanks for the crit!

Now onto your song. Right off the bat, very warm and full recording. Guitar tone sounds really wonderful, just crunchy enough but still has its character. I think I hear a very low background distorted guitar? Really nice touch, brings all together, which is nice. I like the drum switch up at about 2:15, has a nice bouncy feel and comes back to the song very nicely.

I really like the prechorus and chorus, they work very well nice together. This reminds me a little bit of the Cranberries (I hope you take that as a compliment!). Most likely because of the female vocals, but it has the mellow but still sometimes heavier feeling to it.

Very cool jam man, looking forward to hearing more!
Interesting riff on the verse. Track is produced really well, each element of the track is balanced well and tonally correct. Singer has a great voice, I just feel that she could maybe put a bit more range in the melody of the vocals.

Drums are lovely and punchy and cut through brilliantly.

However I'm gunna reiterate Jathon Delsy by saying I kinda agree that the instrumental part could be better and that the chorus doesn't really lift the song.

Not a bad song overall tbh.
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First thing stood out to me is the production, it sounds really great! Second I thought the main riff/verse riff were pretty awesome.
To be honest though I think the chorus is a bit of a let down. Not that it's not good, but I'd prefer for it go somewhere higher. It's got a catchy quality to it but I'm a sucker for big arena choruses so I guess that's what I was looking for. But the more I hear it the better it sounds. Of course not everyone's going for the stadium sound and this chorus is fine for the song, it fits well. Finally, I think there could have been a solo or something during the bridge. Overall a good track, and also a cool video!