I'm looking to buy a practice amp, I've been learning acoustic guitar for about six months and was recently given a cheaper electric guitar. I have found 2 amps on craigslist. One is a Line 6 Spider 3 15W for $40 and is located about 30 mins from me. Guy says its about 4 years old with modert usage. Other is a Peavey Rage 158 for $50 but is located in same town. I like some of the features on tye Line 6 but didn't know if its better. I'll mainly be playing country and some classic rock. So wondering which would you guys recommend?

are you near any guitar stpres?

neither of those are really ideal.

if i had a gun to my head i would go with the peavey.

what is your max budget?
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If you're just getting started on electric, and have no pedals, I don't see a problem with a starter being one of those. I started with a line 6 spider. It was something to practice on. Others are the Fender solid state amps, the Vox Valvetronix amps, which give you different styles of emulated amps and effects to goof around with.

Once I knew I was moving in an electric way, and going to stick with it, I went to tube amps and pedal board.
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are you near any guitar stpres?

neither of those are really ideal.

if i had a gun to my head i would go with the peavey.

what is your max budget?

I have one local shop not far from me. They have alot of used guitars may run by and see what kind of amps they have.

Right now my max budget is about $100 but if I can find something for $50 that'd be even better. I'm a drummer who's trying to learn guitar. Have a acoustic I've been playing with past 6 months or so. Now wanna try the electric.

I'm not into metal or anything super crazy sounding, just country and classic rock/hair metal. So I'm leaning more towards the Peavey as the Line6 seems to be more for the metal guys. But didn't know if the added features of the Line6 make it a better deal then the Peavey.
See if they have a Fender Mustang, Vox Valvetronix, Peavey Vypyr or Bandit or Valveking used and a Fender SuperChamp would be boss but overall you need to increase your budget a bit to get to the next level. The stuff I just mentioned. Maybe let us know what used amps they have. If you tell what city you are in - I might be able to help further.
You're not going to get any good amp for less than $100. Anything less and you're not really getting anything worth buying. I would just save up for a VOX Valvetronix VT20+. Just play without an amp until then, you'll be much happier with the VT20's sound in the future compared to a crappy amps' sound in the immediate instance.

I did find this, which is surprising. You can get an extension cab and the power supply (recommended) as well for less than $100. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search?sB=r&Ntt=blackstar+fly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA02o_BThTc
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How about a Blackstar ID:20?
Modeler that isn't as hard as a Peavey Vypir to dial in. You can change the types of tubes it models and dial in your own tone, instead of choosing amp models and working off of them.
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