I just went to Guitar Center to check out some guitars and amps and own an $200 gift card for saving.

First of all, they finally have Epiphone LP Custom Pro electric guitar I want and got to try it out for the first time playing it. I can't say how great the guitar's.

Second, I check out and tried Line 6 Spider IV 75W compo amp to play some tones, tunes and stuff with an Epiphone LP Custom Pro guitar. However, when I tune it to tremolo effect, I hit the 6th string and I was mind brown. I cannot believe I hear what it sounds like! It was like playing dance, electronic and techno music on a good guitar. I mean, it's unbelievable.

Enough said. I had a good time at Guitar Center this late afternoon. Now I added Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal and Line 6 Spider Jam 75W 1x12 guitar compo amp (need a new one and getting a different one for better stuff) on my musical equipment wishlist.

Anyway, have a good evening from West Coast!

PS. Rock on!!!
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