Hey All,

I recently purchased a Sunn Alpha 112p and I couldn't be happier. I'm looking to get an amp cover for it and I want quality at a reasonable price.

Any suggestions?

-Major Bludd
A automobile or marine upholsterer could probably make you a custom one.
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i got my mom to make me amp covers. she even pays for the materials.

the going price for an amp cover seems to be around 15 to 50 usd
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Studio Slips makes quality stuff. Can be on the pricey side depending on what sort of options you choose, but still I've yet to see a company who makes better stuff than them. Good customer service too.

The only con is if you live anywhere other than continental US the shipping prices seem astronomically high... $35-$50 to ship to Canada, which is kinda silly because I've gotten larger and far heavier packages from the US for much less.