VFE is one of those brands that I had never heard of before, but in the last 6 months or so I've seen a lot of them popping up on demo channels I subscribe to, and I have to admit that I get more impressed after every clip I watch.

Has anyone tried one? Are they pretty much top quality pedals because they certainly seem so? I'm actually not going to buy any pedals in a while since I went full DSP just recently, but I'm still really interested in analogue stuff. I also think that anyone looking for compact but tweakable pedals should take a look at them.
Search JeriEvil and VFE

He's been on a roll lately and has been through several now. He posts a lot of demos on Rig-Talk and GuitarAmpBoard if you haven't seen those. He's very approachable and will give honest feedback.

That's all I got I'm not really a pedal guy.