Used Fender Hot Rod deluxe, bought 8-10 years ago (he thinks it's an HDRX),

Original 1x12 Fender "special design" speaker intact,

tubes were replaced a few times, it now has Sylvianas

ceramic resistors repaired (R78-R79) a few yrs back

I plan on using it in a loud punky Dinosaur JR, Eagulls type band, and a smoother electro pop type outfit too.
HRD's go for $480+ usually, used newer models. If you're able to check it out first, please do. I'd go for it if it's legit, but I'd be wary. I'm not sure how much 10 years' difference makes on an amp line.
Yeah, 10 years concerns me. I'm worried I'll just end up paying for repairs once purchased...
I used to have one of these amps, the 2nd generation model. It was pretty dull, cleans were good but too much bass and the drive is harsh which sounds good for blues but not for rock.

Anyways, I had paid like $350 for that model. I played the 3rd generation model and that was a big step up from the 2nd. So I recommend that for you and try not to spend more than $400 for a used one.
Sounds like a fair price for a HRD in good condition. Great gig-quality amps and generally pretty bulletproof. I gigged with one for a long time and it never let me down. Ignore the OD channel and use a TS9 or OCD on ch 1 for OD.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY