Which is the more versatile guitar? I like to play a lot of styles. 80's funk, Bee Gees, INXS. Which would be the better choice for me?
Both are versatile and have covered that ground well. I lean towards the Strat/Tele these days but played a Dot for many years. Trust your hands and your ears.
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The Dot feels like more of a rockabilly machine to me. Plus, I could never get over that wide body style. The Semi hollow body on the Dot would allow you to play it unamplified to an extent.
As said above they are both pretty versatile, though.
A strat with a humbucker in the bridge would give you a lot of tonal versatility compared to a Dot with 2 humbuckers.
Which one feels better in your hands? That should be the real question for you.
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either could work just fine. the strat may be a bit more versatile. your amp choice may be a bigger key to getting all you want. when you say 80s funk what exactly are you refering to?
Kool and the Gang and that new song by Mak Ronson and Bruno Mars. That kind of stuff.
Those kind of bands probably see a lot more single coil use. Dot's are perfectly fine for funk and R&B styles, though. Really, just go play both and see which one resonates with you the most. The secret to that sound is the compressor, anyway.
Both are good options, try them and see what you prefer if you can, for those options I'd go for SSS but personally I like HSS more.
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Quote by thegillv
Which is the more versatile guitar? I like to play a lot of styles. 80's funk, Bee Gees, INXS. Which would be the better choice for me?

In another thread, I pointed out that- while Strats dominate the genre- notable funk players played guitars with singlecoils, P90s, and humbuckers.

I know Strats were the axes of choice for INXS, but again, there were others that got used.

Bee Gees gear I don't know, but from what I know of their music, I bet its Strats.

Long story short, while you could go either way and do just fine, I'd opt for the Strat- personally, the HSS.
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Probably go for the strat because it has those out of phase sounds in position 2 and 4 that is a great classic R&B funk sound. Gretsch's are pretty good for that too a PRO Jet would cover it good but no out of phase sounds.
I personally like SSS, but for what you're doing, the humbucker would be a good choice.