FS: Custom Comic Book Guitar - Vintage Ibanez Roadstar w/ Evil Ernie Comic Book Guitar

This guitar started its life out as an Ibanez Roadstar in desperate need of a refinish. In 2007, it was stripped and covered in the actual pages of Evil Ernie vs. The Super Heroes, then lacquered and buffed to a smooth finish. The result is a perfectly playable guitar that also looks absolutely awesome on a wall.

Overall the guitar is in good condition for its age but it's not without its problems. I'll try to be as specific as I can so that there are no surprises when you receive it. The lacquer, while quite smooth, is fairly old and as a result has started to yellow slightly and shows many small finish cracks. These cracks are hard to pick up in the photos, but they are apparent under close inspection even though they don't affect the playability or overall aesthetics. The cracks are especially apparent on the corners of the back cover plates. There is also a spot between the control and trem cavities that was over-sanded, resulting in a pronounced dip which can be both felt and seen up close. It doesn't affect much, however. The finish on the back of the neck was left untouched but is now about 30 years old. It feels wonderful to the touch but looks a bit dull, as you would expect a well played guitar to be. The neck was refretted by a local guitar tech and upon close inspection I must admit I've seen much nicer fret jobs but there have been no problems found while playing the guitar. The trem has been blocked and will be shipped that way for the sake of not putting too much tension on the strings or springs. This can be easily undone and to be honest the guitar could use a good setup anyway. Please note that the pictures show a D-Tuna installed on the original Ibanez Edge but it was removed some time ago and is not included in the listing. Other than that, the guitar just has a few small dents, scratches and dings that you'd expect to see on a guitar this old.

The guitar will be shipped through Canada Post in a Fender gig bag, inside a Fender box with a whole lot of packaging material and full insurance.

$600 + shipping.