Im working on a song that has a lot of dualing guitar solo work with a lot of harmonized riffs. I have all the rhythm tracks panned hard left and right, but what percentage pan would be best for the dual leads?
I usually pan things like that about 20/20. 0 being center, 100 being far left/right.
Think of it like looking at a stage and where the musicians or their amps would be then pan to that. That's what I try and do.

Like the drummer is always in the centre then you might have a guitar slightly to one side and bass slightly to the other, maybe other musicians further out to the sides and so on.
However you decide to pan them check it in mono. It'll make it translate better across systems if it works well in mono and mono will reveal any phase issues. I like 80/20 for dual leads. It gives them space and definition as distinct lead lines but lets them intermingle a bit.

EDIT: for arguments sake the brain only really perceives Left/Center/Right, putting stuff inbetween can add a lot of texture and depth but can also make an otherwise great mix muddy and undefined.
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Thanks for the input guys. Yeah I fiddled around a bit and about 20% sounds the best to my ears