Anyone ever hear of a company called Axecrate. On their social media page they are advertising a guitar subscription service. Apparently you get guitar accessories every month. I've never heard of them before, just wanted to see if you guys ever heard of them or any other similar company? Thanks.
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At AxeCrate we pack a guitar-themed mystery box and deliver it to your door. We partner with amazing brands to give you the best products such as: strings, decals, picks, string winders, and other goodies. Once it's delivered to your door, you unpack it with the memories of an unforgettable experience and share it among our AxeCrate community!

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Our Exclusive Early Pre-Order Special will include our AxeCrate #01 with Free Shipping for $30.00. All orders after our Pre-Order special will be $35.00 + Shipping.

I already have strings, decals, picks, string winders, and t-shirts from other sources and they surely didn't cost $30.00 USD together. And why would I want multiple string winders per month?

Any guitarist who has justifiable preferences isn't going to spend $30 for mystery strings, picks, etc. It sounds more like a scam.

If we could choose what consumables we get (strings, picks, cleaning materials, etc.) that we have to buy constantly but can receive in a monthly package, that would be better. For a start-up company with less than 200 likes on Facebook, that could be difficult. But they have "partnered with amazing brands" so I unno. Why can't I see those brands?
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These "___ crate" subscriptions are cropping up everywhere, for all sorts of products. Fashion, video games, cigars, whatever. It lets the company throw a bunch of cheap swag in a box and sell it as an "experience" instead of as a good deal on stuff you might actually buy. I imagine they're just buying up odd lots and clearance stock and getting cheap stickers from Dunlop or wherever because hey, free advertising. There's a reason most businesses are predicated on the customer knowing what they're buying before they get it.

I'm sure it's exciting to get a mystery box of guitar stuff, but what am I really going to do with some strings in a size I don't use and a XXXL T-shirt for Krank Amps? I can't wear that out of the house, people might see me.

I bet most of the subscriptions they get are as well-meaning gifts from non-players to their friends/family who play guitar.