I "won" a coupon on a selection of washburn guitars and narrowed my choice down to those 2 models:

Washburn WD 920S, for <$200 (with coupon) /

Washburn WG10SCE (ATB), <$250 (with coupon)

I won’t be able to test them and I couldn’t find much information on those guitars online (which is on itself bad news).

What’s your opinion about them (sound, component quality, playability) ? And generally on washburn acoustics

I have a washburn wd7s. Washburns are a nice looking guitar and they sound decent. Build quality is decent. However I wouldn't buy one again unless I could get the shop to properly set up the guitar and then I'd play every single note on the guitar to check for buzzing. Mine came with the bridge action set up well(on the very low end actually) but the nut action was absurdly high and I had to do some nut slot filing. The G-string buzzed horribly, B-string a little bit on a couple frets. The neck relief was very tight. After loosening the truss rod until it would turn no more, I got it to .09" just a tad under the .010" standard. That got rid of all the buzzing on the b string and most of it on the G-string but still buzzes a little when plucked moderately hard on the 3rd fret. There is also quite a bit of buzzing on the low e when strummed hard. I've nicknamed this guitar Buzz Lightyear. In conclusion I'm s little skeptical about washburn's fretwork and I don't know why I still wasn't able to get the proper neck relief with the truss rod fully backed out. That's my experience with washburn. My recommendation for guitars in that price range, look at some Yamahas.
Does washburn have a reputation of bad QC? One lemon ist not enough to avoid a brand althogether...
I own the Warren Haynes Signature from Washburn and it's one of the best acoustic guitars I've played for the money, solid spruce top and solid rosewood back with laminated rosewood sides, ebony fingerboard, JUMBO frets, a modified deep 000 body style. It's truly one of the most unique acoustic offerings I've come across, the quality is in my view excellent although a bit more expensive...But I would say in the price range you mention both of those guitars seem like good choices, make sure to get a setup if need be, you should be happy with either of them. My Washburn was made in China BTW.
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Does washburn have a reputation of bad QC? One lemon ist not enough to avoid a brand althogether...

Yeah I agree. I've seen a couple other reviews of washburn's having buzzing or dead frets on their lower end models. I almost didn't buy mine but I got a good deal on a display model so I went for it.

After seeing this thread last week, I broke out my washburn to give it some love and the funny thing is that the buzzing on the g is completely gone now(humidity change?). Guitars can be finicky that way. Still it just doesn't feel as comfortable to play as my other guitars, like the string spacing feels tight, even though the nut width is the same as 3 of of my 4 guitars. The guitar sounds nice though, maybe a little loud and harsh when strummed hard but that could be my playing.