Hmm, its an interesting track definitely.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "Oriental sounds". Do you mean East Asian? Arabic/Middle Eastern? Indian? Orient is a term with a multiplicity of meanings, and you must be careful how you use the term. Moreover, it has a slightly pejorative, derogatory slant to it, as in "oriental peoples", so I suggest you drop the use of that and focus on what you want to create. An Indian-influenced track? A Chinese influenced song? A Middle Eastern inspired tune?

The track starts out a little bit scary and frightening to be honest, but later evolves into something a bit more dancey and mysterious. Was this the effect you were going for?

You should check out Shpongle, if you're interested in this kind of sound.

Hello Chris.

It was not my intention of offending anyone. I regard every single human being on this planet as my equals, and I think every single human being has the right to express themselves. Whether it is their religious beliefs, their moral compass, their sexual preferences and so on. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I never thought that by describing a song oriental I would do so. Certainly I would keep this in mind and I would try to be more exact on genre that I'm trying to communicate here.

Thanks for taking time and listening to the song. I was going for a more Indian ambient vibe. Sphongle is awesome. I can't believe I haven't heard of them until now. Thank you.
I would make the snare and bass drum pop out more (seems muffled), would be groovier. But good stuff, keep it up
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You wouldn't dance to a metronome.

On meth you would.
Listening as I type this.

Strange, trippy groove to this. Seems to be produced well, seems clear. Flows really well.

Gunna echo the fellow above me and say the same thing about the bass drum and the snare as they are struggling to cut through the mix.

Personally, what I would of done is experimented with a really fast and hard hitting drum beat with triplets on the kick drum to maybe add a bit of energy to the track, but its just my opinion.

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Hey no worries man, none taken All the best, it's a good track, so keep at it! enjoy shpongle too ~
Hey I like it so far, I would definitely love it much more if i was under the influence of something, but I always think of that as a positive when it comes to listening to music. Its confusing and groovy and I love it, especially that one middle eastern sound I cant explain that sounds like high pitched "awww"-ing and "oooh"-ing. Keep it up man and keep it weird

On second thought I can barely hear a bass, just more common grievances from above posts.

C4C please?
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