Writing this as I am listening. (Pretty sure I've crit'd your stuff in the past, like 2 years ago lol)

Bass tone is pretty interesting, intro leads well into the verse.

Really catchy riff, vocals are excellent. Lyrics arn't too bad bad either.

I'm personally not too keen on the pre-chorus the "make that sunlight cry" part, where it comes into the vamps, i just feel that the vocals should be on time on the vamps, but thats just a small spot on an otherwise gleamingly clean and clear produced song.

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Love this, sleazy and meaty. Great bass tone, regally rumbling. The whole band pounds and bounds on the accents well together, creating a real rocking sound.
The vocalist is excellent, with uncompromising attitude an a strong grittily ripped voice to deliver his puissant posturing in spades.
As stated, this music is a happy harmony of blues and hard rock, taking the best of each genre and deftly fusing them together. Metal screams, blues slurs, progressive lead guitar mini-symphonies, super-slick drum fills (the toms are a bit low in the mix), laddish gang backings vocals, all working as one tight unit in this earthy brew.
High accomplishment here, all band members doing what they should, the vocal showing some superb range and power, the arrangement and production are consummate. This band sound ready for bigger things to me, a totally professional act.

For a somewhat different type of attitude, C4C here?
@jamesmchug Thank you!

@JathonDelsy Wow! Thanks for the awesome review, wasn't expecting that. Will check out your track soon.