I got a squire as a gift. This particular model was made in Korea. I have already upgraded all the electronics and now want to make it handle better. the frets on this this feel like I could shave of some of the fret height. I really don't want to spend hours working this and would like to just replace the neck with a better model. was going to get a regular strat neck but not sure if it will fit. Any suggestions?
try warmoth, it's going to cost about as much as the squiers going rate is but you can pick the right fret height and all. Personally I'm a fan of jumbo frets. So what you're after is a neck that is 24.75 scale I can imagine. I had a Korean squier strat. I didn't take it apart and measure everything but I did have some fun wiring it before it sold.

my korean squier wasn't in great condition so I polished the frets, drop filling and wet sanded the back of the neck to rid of any dings and smoothed it out so it didn't bother me. Other than that the korean squier in my guitar collection on here is the one with the white pearl SSS pickguard and then I swapped it to a blue pearl HSS pickguard trying out different wiring harnesses and so forth.

when people aren't getting enough control out of the strings I recommend scalloping the fretboard. Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen to lately Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammett (17-24th fret) and Steve Vai (last 2 or 3) have it done to their guitars. Pretty much your fingers never touch the fretboard and you get the best control out of strings possible. It takes a little while to get used to maybe a few hours and I recommend a slightly heavier set of strings but do what you think is right. Scalloping there's no wrong way to do it just file at the fretboard and eliminate any contact between you and the fretboard. Be minimalistic as many will argue about the dreaded "S" word (sustain). If it's a maple fretboard and the dirt bothers you I don't recommend this. The only way you could ruin a fretboard is either going through the entire fretboard or somehow removing a fret from filing the wrong way. This can take a little while to do and it's expensive for a shop to do so but there's always ebay. I'm pretty sure they are all 25.5 scaled necks though so be careful. A 25.5 scale neck will not fit a 24.75 neck pocket.

This is what scalloping looks like
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Thanks for the info. I'm going to check out the Warmoth necks. How can I tell for sure what scale neck I have. Is there some measurement that I can make. I've never heard of scaloping before. It's actually just the opposite of what I am looking for.frets are too high now. I considered fileing them down but I've never attempted that before and figured I would end up with uneven frets that would buzz the strings. It would also take me forever so I decided to look into replacement necks.
Thanks you are right 25.5. I found one on Ebay for much less than what Warmoth was lookng for. Cant wait to try it out.