I cannot or the life of me cram my fingers into that space I can just about get a clean A open chord with my middle ring and pinky in that space I just play the chord with index and ring to barre but it mutes the high E is there any tips to cram up fingers. Justin guitar website says the high e don't matter by it sounds wrong in most songs without it.
I usually play A with my index finger on the g string, middle finger on the d and ring finger on the b in a triangle pattern(2-1-3). I find that way works best for getting a clean sound with no muting.
There are lots of songs in which the high e is muted, in which case barring it with the index finger works fine. It's possible to barre it and still get the high e to ring out but you have to really bend back the tip of your finger.
I know that problem, and somtimes I tend to fret the open a-chord just with my double-bended ring- oder middlefinger, barring the D,G and B strings like playing the Bb-Barre-Chord. It's a little odd at the beginning but with a little practice it works just fine for me.
This video shows how to play the Bb-Barre-Chord, but it works with the Open A-Chord as well.
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You have to stick with the 3 fingers. Rock songs will use the barre, folk not so much. There are many factors involved in placing your fingers. The tip joint needs to be close to 90 degrees. Place your thumb on top of the neck at the first fret. The tip of your thumb will jut out past the the neck edge approx. 1/2 an inch. The webbing of your thumb should not be up against the back of the neck. Find a talented teacher.
There are still more factors. What seems like a simple task is not. You must have patience and perseverance. The attitude of I CAN NOT won't cut it. Do not look for short cuts. Keep at it until you get it.

Good luck

I'm gonna try the barre without 3 fingers I can get it if I bend my finger a lot but it's not comfy at all but I'll get used to it. Most stuff I play is sheeran or if not rock stuff so it works without the high e I'll just work on it gradually.

It's not as if it's a big loss still sounds good without it.

Also I meant the actual A shape barre and not the open chord I can just about play that with the high e using 3 fingers.
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