www.redco.com makes custom cables and they are cheap when compared to what those cables will sell for retail.

I bought an 18ft Mogami cable with gold Neutrik 1/4" ends for <$30 and that same cable would cost ~$70 if you buy the packaged Mogami cable at any store

They also have Canare wire which is excellent quality also
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^ Woah. That site is neat-o.

Also, Amazon sells some decent quality cables for cheap. I bought a 4-pack of patches for $12 USD not too long ago. If you learn how to solder 1/4 cables, you can make your own with just some extra cable length and connectors, which is the most cost-effective and efficient way. Cable kits are expensive though, so buy your own materials.
If you can solder (Instrument cables are super easy), you can buy the wire in bulk from RedCo, throw some Amphenol ends on them and call it a day. Should be like $15 for a 20ft cable, depending on the wire you buy.

Otherwise, you can get 10ft cables from Reverb for $7 or 20ft for $9 and they're pretty good quality for the price. Livewire are cheap too and not too shabby for low money, consider they have Neutrik ends that cost a good bit.
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Monoprice now sells instrument cables that are getting good reviews. $20 for 50'.