I've had this guitar for a good three years now (Given by a close friend), mainly using it to practice and mess with tuning. I know nothing about it other than the brand which seems to pull up no results with a google search. The brand is "J.G.L Legend Special Guitar". It may be hard to tell in the picture, but the guitar isn't in the best of shapes and I would like to spruce it up as is has some sentimental meaning to it.
The only reference I could find was a link to your pics! On the face of it, it looks like an inexpensive instrument based primarily on the plastic bushings on the tuners. Often seen on Japanese import guitars of a certain vintage. These were often churned out by a single factory and given a wide variety of names, just as you see with Chinese bicycles now.
Some are decent, some are not. It's likely a laminate (plywood) instrument. So... If it sounds decent to you , and the neck is reasonably straight and the action OK, I think all you might consider at this point is a general setup and perhaps replacing the plastic saddle and nut with bone or "TusQ" or something similar.

New strings, of course....