Heyo fellas,
So I'm wanting to spray paint a guitar (electric), but not in a redo the finish kinda way. I just wanna artistically/messily/talentlessy put bloches on then let it run down the guitar (away from the pickups and knobs and stuff, obviously), just cause I'm into that kind of messy art.

ANYWAY, I'm wondering do I need to do anything to the guitar beforehand? Like I said, it's not a whole redo, just light single spray bloches, so am I good to just put it right on?
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why a spray paint, I'd think it would be easier to fling paint blotches with a brush/hand to get that type of effect.
lightly sand the guitar and try an match the same type of paint, most new guitars use a poly based paint
pull the knobs off, and you can paint the pickups if you want, it will not hurt them. or just tape them off
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