This is something I've been sitting on for a while and finally got around to recording over the past couple days. I'd love to hear what you think of it!

I'm happy to do C4C if you have something you want me to check out.

Hey, fifteen year old me, that's not how you spell "Genesis"
Very nice, intimate and sensual, ingenuous and open. The basic recording does no favours to this, but I can hear a very good voice here, full of a lilting plaintive charm, and with plenty of technique too. Similarly, the basic arrangement barely delivers the song, but the guitar is very nicely played with a sweet touch and fine feeling. The sense of rhythm is steady too, showing a strong musicianship.
There's some real magic here, but I fear that it could miss most listeners because of the basic production. The rise in dynamics towards the end is consummately handled, showing in one swoop great capability as a singer, musician, guitarist, and composer.
Further listening adds to the gentle, graceful, intimate, quite beautiful musical and poetical appeal of this artist and this piece.
Some serious talent here, full of potential.

C4C here please.
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You have a good voice and the song is really easy on the ears.

Lyrics seem quite poetical, which is something I personally like.

I feel that there is a lack of change in the song, even just a chord change up as such, as the first major change in the song is at the 2:44 mark, with the next major change at 3:50 or so.

Still its really good, keep them coming.