Hi, I'm looking for online video lessons which have TABS showed within the video itself...
Do you know some?
Plenty of them in Youtube. And even if there are no tabs, the teacher shows you the fingerings and tells you which frets to play on which strings.
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I think the best way to find lessons is probably on YouTube. They've got loads of skilled guitarists that can teach you a few songs INCLUDING TABS. Only some channels provide tabs in their videos and most of the YouTubers have their own sites and subscriptions to lessons etc.

I would provide you some channels you can look at for lessons but I believe this may break the rules of 'advertising' (non-promotional) but since this topic is related, I'll might aswell give you the link to YouTube (unless you have a buddy named google)


Just search things that suits what you want. For example, the name of the song followed by lesson or instrument, guitar exercises, easy tabs, etc.
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Also to add, would this topic fall under the 'Tab Talk' category rather than 'Musician Talk'? Thank me later mods xD
I'm an interesting person... sometimes