Hey guys,

This will be my first topic. I was wondering if you could provide me a link to where i can find a beginners guide to building a guitar.

I was thinking about buying a guitar DIY kit to begin with and buying the hardware seperately, but still, i dont have a clue what would be the best thing to do.

Also, i was wondering if there are any 'musts' i cant skip while painting the body (was thinking about a galaxy).

What could you guys advice me?

Thanks in advance,

Check out www.rmolsonguitars.com for great guitar kits. Plenty of guitar style and material choices, comes with hardware package, pickups and wiring harness. There's a website forum for build help, and you'll have a great guitar when you are done. Good luck. You get what you pay for. Take your time.
Just to check, are you a beginner guitar player or just a beginner to building guitars? If the latter, go for it, kind of thing (though I can't advise since I've never built one myself). But if you're a beginner guitar player I'd probably buy a pre-built guitar so you can get into playing as quickly as possible.
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