The Vehement Jazz Trio - New Record Out!

Just recorded an album with my jazz fusion trio "The Vehement Jazz Trio"
Intricate bass work and elaborative guitaring in this track as well as a solo trade-off with the drummer. Written by yours truly.

Write a bunch of words regarding you opinion of the song and I'll review your stuff as well.
If you like it a whole lots of lot there's the rest of the record to listen to.

Very slick and cool, reminds me of Weather Report or other 70s jazz/rock fusion. Deftly slipping through variegated extended harmonies, creating a bright breezy sound, these guys simply ooze masterful musicianship. Crisply pert drums tick and shuffle, juggling polyrhythms while never losing the underlying beat, keeping you tapping your feet while remaining elevated in cerebral contemplation. The sweetly facile guitar weaves and slides through this pretty piece, magically contributing both melodic and harmonic parts seemingly simultaneously. The busily buzzing bass presents an ever moving target of vibrant virtuosity, as frenetic fingers weave a veritable tapestry of tonal festivity.
The disparate parts dance together in happy harmony, creating a warm full sound that is more than the sum of its parts.
Consummately played, excellently engineered and produced, this is pleasure to listen to, a gratifying gourmet meal for us music connoisseurs.

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