Hi I am new to submitting tabs,
Today I submitted a tab for a song that was already tabbed 5 times (4 of these are nearly completely wrong) then I got rejected for my tab because:
Better and more complete tabs already made.

I clicked the appeal button and started to write a comment which described the wrongings of the other 5 versions in it.
Before I finished my comment, the tab got rejected again. Now I am not able to submit it again (with the comment I wrote) because where ones the appeal button was now stands the text: "Tab has been decisively rejected."
Is there a way I can resubmit it? Or is everything now just lost work?
(Btw this is the tab I wrote: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/submit/approval/id/1699803)

Thank you for your help.
It's being rejected because the other versions have been rightly voted correct after being accepted so the users viewing your tab are seeing yours as an unnecessary addition.

You could re-submit the tab by redoing what you did to submit it in the first place.

Or alternatively you could ask here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=816400