I'll cut right to the chase -- as I know you're eager to get to the pronz:

I present to you my new(used) LTD FX-260SM:

My backyard (crappy quality from too much light coming in):

I love the beautiful contours -- it's not completely hard-edged like many Explorer clones:

Next to my other weapons of mass destruction:

One last shot:

Body is mahogany with a spalted maple top. Very beautiful in person, and only a tiny ding in one of the corners. Was actually a Christmas gift from my mom and dad! These guitars are hard to find -- and when they come up for sale they don't last long -- the spalted maple is just gorgeous! I had been wanting a passive-pickup guitar that I could setup to be more versatile than my Schecter. The stock ESP pups aren't bad at all, but I wanted a fire-breathing pup in the bridge that I could still tone back for more classic rock sounds, so I ordered a Duncan Black Winter.

Damn, that pickup is brutal. High output but not as much as the Blackouts in my other guitar. It is rich but very cutting -- very balanced, I'd say. I currently have it tuned to Eb Standard. The guitar is indeed more versatile than my Schecter, and my 6505+ responds very differently to it, which is what I wanted. The best part is that it has a push/pull tone pot so I can get single-coil sounds too! I think I still have something wired incorrectly because when both pups are selected and split -- the volume falls away very noticeably and it sounds overly thin/not musical. Individually, they sound fine when running a single coil. I think maybe they're out of phase with each other? Eventually I'll probably replace the neck pup with either another Black Winter or something a little softer like a Jazz or '59N. I mostly use the neck for darker cleans and occasionally leads/never rhythm.

All in all -- I'm super excited about this guitar. The neck is thinner than my Schecter and that's taking some getting used to. But it's very fast and begs me to put the "pedal to the metal" so to speak. I'll get some sound clips soon.

Edit: Here's a clip: Nickelback cover

*I apologize for the extremely low quality of the recording and even lower quality playing: I had been tremelo picking for over an hour before I remembered to record something -- needless to say I was getting tired and sloppy. You'll have to just imagine a Darkthone-eque blastbeat along with this.
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Nice guitar
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Nice outdoors pics too
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Very nice, indeed! My mockingbird has been begging for Black Winters, but I've been very aprehensive.
^^What are you apprehensive about? My clip, by the way, is not a very good representation of that pickup/guitar. It sounds much, much better in the room. I will be doing real recordings soon with double-tracked guitars, bass, and drums. I'll see if I can do a better job demoing that pickup.

There are some good demos by Ola Englund and Keith Merrow, but they tend to dial their amps in a way I don't really go for. I tend to go for a more classic extreme metal tone.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
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Nice, I've almost picked one up a couple of times as an explorer is missing from my collection and I have a thing for 3+3 tuners and natural wood.
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Nice looking axe. BTW what Nickleback song was that????

Hmmm, I thought it was a Nickelback song, but I might have been mistaken.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood