I am thinking about buying an Ibanez Xiphos XPT700-XH, the model with 27 frets.
The thing is, I plan to keep my guitar in D and C# standard, since I like many of the technical death metal bands that play in those tunings.
As I've grasped it, you have to change the position of the Edge III EVERYTIME you tune up/down. I would still like to use the vibrato sometimes when just shredding, but I also want to be able to alternate between D and C# standard without too long of a hassle.

Is there a way to temporarily ''disable'' the tremolo when I want to go down to those tunings? I heard you could unscrew the screws at the nut ( top of the guitar) and then tune down/up like an regular guitar without tremolo. But how do I do when I want to use the vibrato? Is there any alternate method that meets my needs?

Thanks in advance, Anton.
There is a thingy called a Tremel-no. I'm to lazy to find the price but I don't think it's in excess of $500.
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That'd work. I found it a bit fiddly. And I think it's designed for the OFR, so it might not work just as well with the edge III (mine was a bit of a faff with a Gotoh).

But yeah if you have your heart set on the guitar something like a tremol-no (although it's a bit fiddly) is probably the thing.

You're aware that the strings will feel a bit different at the different tunings, right?
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leave the springs setup for the higher tunning and you can jump to the lower easier. But you loose the ability to pull up on the trem.
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For C# and D you should be able to no problem if the springs are adjusted to D. So say on a 25.5 scaled guitar with 10-46 strings that is just moving the two screws inside the tremolo back 0.5cm .

measure the screw heads to the end of the cavity before you make any adjustments of course.