I kinda like it! You have a really solid "Maggie May" vibe going on.

Just my criticisms:

Your voice could be a little off-putting to some, and at first I was a bit disposed, but I warmed up to it. Maybe continue working with your voice to see if you could find a niche of sorts, like adding a bit of grit to higher parts (I heard a bit of that at the end), or adding to your vocal resonance and thickness.

Your chordal backup (the guitar) wasn't very dynamic, and I couldn't make much of a distinction between song sections. I could hear chord changes, but most of the song was a constant level strum. Adjust your dynamics to match your lyrics and melody to extend the expressive quality of your music.

I would also suggest you add a bit more instrumentation/backup through extra tracks. Maybe some vocal harmony on a some of your lines to bring life to your melody, and maybe an instrumental "catch" or instrumental solo when the vocals take a break. Just a few dabbles with another acoustic guitar would be refreshing, and when the vocals come back in, they will sound fresh as well.

Cheers c:
It's not a bad song at all.

It's a pretty basic song, but there's nothing wrong with that. Have you thought about tracking a small lead section over a part, or even adding vocal harmonies, percussive elements, which might help add to the dynamics of the track. Multi-tracking this is a potential way to improve the song, however I do like the off-the-cuff recording of this.

The vocal melody was nice and had a nice vibe to it, however it seems to improve the further into the song you go lol.

Some well added pauses allow for variation, however there isn't enough variation in the song as a whole I believe.

I did enjoy listening to it however, keep them coming man!
Despite the basic presentation, I can hear some real talent here. The voice is slightly unusual, with a subtle intense vibrato and accent I cannot quite place. With plenty of power and range, it has an appeal of its own.
The guitar is a bit aggressively attacked, so lacks a bit in dynamics, but the driving rhythm is compelling.
This is a nice song, and no favours are done to it with this badly mic-ed sound. The lyrics are not very clear, and I don't know if this is due to the recording quality or inherent in the voice.
I would urge this artist to re-record this with at least close micing, and use the more sensitive sound to bring out a more nuanced sound to both his singing and guitar playing.
Some real natural talent here, that needs to be presented properly.
Thanks for your feedback on my song.

I think your vocals and guitar both sound good individually, but they don't fit together well. The singing doesn't seem to flow with the guitar playing, I'm not sure if it's a problem with the way the song is written or if you're having trouble singing and playing together in rhythm. The pacing of the singing just doesn't match the guitar part well in my opinion.

Maybe work on really nailing down the timing of the song and delivering a tighter performance. It sounds to me like a good song that needs to be executed a little better to really do it justice.
Hey, fifteen year old me, that's not how you spell "Genesis"
Cheers for the feedback man!

First of all good title the song fits together well and sounds really cohesive, it's a nice easy going tune I like the vocals, you have an interesting voice, but I would explore more of your range if I was you, and maybe have some nice runs. Apart from that recording quality could be better, but I assume it's just the camera mic? can't expect too much really. Also the timing at the beginning could be better, all in all nice though!