This is something I'm sure a lot of you guys know but even today I always find people who don't know how to do it. If it wasn't for the funny image near the top of these images and how the beginner soldered the wires together I wouldn't have bothered posting this.

so firstly what do we need
wire strippers or scissors to remove shielding on a wire
wire if you need it. I recommend 24 AWG
heat shrink tubing (or electric tape if you're cheap. I discourage it thinking long term)
and a heat source such as a lighter or heat gun

when finding the right heat shrink tubing it's important to understand that X diameter shrink tubing is only going to work effectively with this or that wire as just like guitar strings it's like string gauges certain strings can go to a really note and others can never. Thankfully there is a diameter chart for finding the right kind. As we know Me personally Im using roughly 1mm tubing for 24awg and connecting wires. It comes in 6 colors.

so what do we do
step 1- cut and strip the ends of the wires
if it's a 4 wire pickup strip all 4 colored wires.
***write down a diagram which is which if you don't have the original wire any more and are just splicing anything together. As we know a red wire on a dimarzio does one thing and a red wire on a seymour duncan a totally different. Guitar color codes can be found on a site like guitarelectronics.com ***

step 2 - tin the ends of the wire
I recommend using 60/40 solder with rosin core. Lead free solder is absolute garbage. Any gauge (thickness) solder will work as long as it's lead and has rosin core in it.

to tin the wire(s) twist the stripped end and put the stripped wire close to the irons tip and apply a bit of weight to the wire so it doesn't go anywhere. with one hand put solder close to the unshielded wires end. With the other hand make the soldering irons tip melt the solder.
**Have a clean and tinned iron prior to doing this this is important**

step 3- connect the two tinned wires
touch the end of one wire to the other with the soldering iron. Hold it for 5 seconds counting down slow and then try to pull them apart, If they don't try again. The biggest tip is to try to get as much of each tinned wire to touch the other. Don't just get the tip.

step 4 - finishing it off
apply some heat shrink tubing over the unshielded wires that are connected and use heat. Don't burn it, once it shrinks you're done. Electric tape is ok but I don't recommend it thinking long term. You want to do it once and once only. Make sure the tubing doesn't come off when you wiggle the wire around

step 5 - test the wire
assuming you've spliced all the wires together use a multimeter and test the wires. Set it to the same 20k in ohms and look for a reading. Ensure that all the unshielded parts are covered to prevent "shorting" where the pickup wire touches any part inside the guitar and stops working.

if soldering scares you there are alternatives I may do a blog on that/ knowing this which is a lot more simple than it looks will save you time. Money (people sell short wired pickups cheap all the time) and you'll be able to do much more complex wirings. Without this I couldn't do my 12 tone SD wiring I posted a few weeks ago.

so anyways... pictures, i didnt really try but this will help

it started like this, to this day i dont know what he used on it

stripped away all the crap and saved as much wire as possible

the writing on this one is small so zoom in
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