Hello everyone,

I am doing a special project for my girlfriend and am stuck! I am recording my own version of Nathaniel Rateliff - Once in a Great While, for her and have recorded every piece of it but i can't for the life of me figure out the chord progression from 2:46-3:06 in the song. If anyone could either list the chords or just tab their shapes and I can figure the picking myself. Thanks so much i know this will make her so happy!!! I put the link for the song below,



Don't have my guitar but sounds like this...try those..if they don't work let me know and tomorrow I will try when I have my guitar .... And these are the chords I hear with the times you indicated
G G7 C. Am G

Thanks for the help! I gave it a few listens with what chords you suggested and tried picking them a bit differently and I think i've got it. If you do try it on your guitar and come up with something different kindly keep me posted

Thanks again!

I think after you get this you should make a tab of it and submit it that way others who like the song can then play it.
If you have no plans to make the tab let me know and perhaps I would make one .
Ya i was thinking of posting a tab for this song after. I have never posted a tab on UG before so it should be fun thanks again for the help
Take a look at one of my tabs... That may give you an idea as to the way it should look....
Make sure you place the chords over ALL the verses and make sure you put the chorus down instead of just saying the word chorus the second, third, etc. Time......
Let me know when you have submitted it...ok
I am sure you will do a great job...