I know that title has a bit of a vindictive feeling to it, but here's the deal:
Our bassist has helped organize a Seattle Teen Music benefit concert in February. My band was going to close, but she's adamant that we should go in the middle for maximum exposure. Keep in mind that the show starts at 1 in the afternoon for some reason. There are 5 bands playing 30 minute sets. The first band goes on at 1:30. With ten minute load-on/load-offs, that means that the 3rd band goes on at 3:20, and the last at 4:40. While these are both pretty damn early time slots (luckily it's a Saturday), the last one sounds a lot more enticing to me. The STM coordinator said he wants us to be the showcase band apparently, but he's given the final say to our bassist. She is absolutely convinced that the middle slot is the best one, but won't say why past, "I think that people will get tired of standing by then and leave." She doesn't have any background info that's informing this, it's just what she thinks very strongly for some reason. My view is that people are more likely to show up late than leave early, and thus more people will see the last band, even if some people leave before they go on.

I'm not asking you to say that I'm right or wrong, I just want to know your opinions on which spot would typically be the best in a situation like this.
Depends on the event. If there are speeches and stuff, the best place is immediately after them. If it's at a place that sells food, lunchtime would be your best bet. I suspect that the first slot would have the most amount of people.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I think the 3rd or 4rd slot has the most people, but then you won't be seen as the showcase band.
if you're not a well known band or a band with many many fans, first and last slot are always the worst ones. You never know if things will delay and stuff. We once had a slot for 10 pm, sh*t delayed so much due to other bands that we went on stage in front of 4 people at 2 am. People do leave early if all the bands are kinda sh*tty, or they are getting tired, or something nice is on tv. Go for third or fourth slot.
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A lot of people will come and see the first band. If the first band is any good, they'll stick around for the middle slot. But generally, people start leaving when the last band starts. So, actually...she's right!
Its a benefit. Why are you making it about yourself?

Even so, I'd say that many times by the end, people are tired and winding down. Unless you were the sought after famous popular headliner, I'd say take the middle.


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