I'm trying to get a sort of Nile tone. They have a slight fizz I always hear on their songs and was wondering if anyone knew how to do that. anything EQ wise or Presence/resonance controls to do this? Thanks!
Fizzy amp for first. They use Marshall JCM2000 DSL and peavey rockmaster preamp. You can of course get any amp to sound fizzy by cranking presence and treble but that usually just sounds nasty compared to an amp that has naturally fizzy texture. Say for example, Peavey XXX and 6505 lead channels.

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^ If they use DSLs they might well be using regular marshall cabs with g12t75s, too (could be wrong, I'm not familiar with nile). They're fizzy as well.
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A treble booster/rangemaster on top of most amps couldn't hurt.