Hi guys,

I have been using a Takamine G320 for over a year.

I'm getting an offer to buy one among Yamaha FX370 or Fender CD 60 CE (fishman pick up included), CORT Earth Grand semi acoustic

Which one should I buy? I am mainly looking for natural acoustic tone when plugged into a mixer.

I strum regular melodies.

Please provide your opinions.

Thank you very much

Edit: I have paid for cort earth grand 70-12e, it will be arriving in 3 days. Please suggest me whether this is a good buy guys,
Please let me know the pros and cons, Im from India
thank you very much
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i'd suggest the yamaha, as yamaha has better qc, but both these guitars are entry level all laminate guitars, and while the yamaha has a very good tone for what it is, it isn't going to have the resonance and other qualities an all solid guitar will have.
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Thanks for your reply, All solid will cost more.
Solid spruce will be available but it wont be semi acoustic.

So yamaha seems good!
I not sure exactly what in the way of "offers" you have on the two guitars you mentioned.

If you're talking about buying new, (and your budget permits), I'd suggest stepping the Yamaha brand up the their "FG-700 (FGX-700 for acoustic/electric) @ about $200 & $300.00 respectively.

If you were to go with a Fender product, I'd suggest stepping that up to the CD-100. The all acoustic version and its AE sister, are at the same price point as the two Yamahas.

All of the foregoing guitars are solid tops, with laminated bodies. The solid top, in general, nets a person the best, "bang for the buck improvement", without resorting to the quite delicate, and often finicky, all solid woods guitar.

And like I say, this is only a suggestion, and it's only offered if your budget constraints would allow it.
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me, im actually deaf and hear with an implant lacking tone and pitch, with that being said, i dont care for entry fender's, yamaha gives me a nice sound i can understand better, i have a FG403S which is dreadnaught solid top, wanting to plug in a i got cheap used FX370-C, laminate or not, its actually sounds better on some songs then the solid top, when plugged in is when i feel it exceeds its expectations, i think i made a mistake of putting 11 strings on it, probably should of went with 12's- i got my fx 370c at a pawn shop, best $80 i ever spent
CORT Earth Grand probably sounds best, certainly acoustically loudest of these. Their QC is good at present (variable over the years).
Never heard an electro one though. Check you play the actual guitar before you buy it though. Never heard an electro one though.
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