My amp is dead and I wondered if there was a way to connect my guitar to my PC and play it through the speakers?

I used to practice by plugging my guitar into the distortion pedal and then to the mic port in my PC. It worked on my old computer, but I never made it work on the new one but I don't need to anyway, I have a POD now...
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Quote by ChucklesMginty
Also, if you have a smartphone you can get an interface to plug into that and use Jamup. Which will probably be cheaper.

For me personally, Jamup sounds better than any VST I've used if you buy a few extra amp models. Of course the downside is you have to play with headphones.

Anywhere there's a headphone output, you can use it to feed anything with an aux input - home stereo, powered multimedia speakers or monitors etc.

But the recordings sticky mentioned above has all the answers.
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