Hi all, recorded this today with my new HD Video/Audio recorder. Just posting to see what you all think. Also I wrote this song today, so it may be a little rough in areas but I feel its a pretty good song, any ideas or tips for the songs also before I record it properly?

Sounds nice, the vocal melody reminds me of avicii - the days.
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Thanks guys, appreciate the feed back and comments, I thought that too about the 2:00 part, I reckon it might be my approach into it, I think I may need to use a some kind of drop to go into it or a few different chords.

I've Just listened to that avicii song too haha and I hear what you mean

Thanks guys
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The vocals (singing & melody) are the highlight for me (good!). The guitar riffs fit well with the vocals. The bridge (~2:20) is the weak point for me: needs something more somehow. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:


Hi mate, thanks for the advice! Yeah I've now sorted what was wrong with it ITs a bit to choppy with the chords so I've slowed it down vocally and it fits really well

I shall upload once its recorded though

And np, I'll take a listen to your song