Ok so here is the crux of my problem:

The Vox footswitch that came with my VOX AC30C2 works well but will not work at all if I use an extension cord to make it longer.


I have an Vox AC30C2 and when I bought it (used) it came with this footswitch:


Notice that while it's an official vox footswitch, it's not the current VOX VFS-2A that is sold nowadays seen here:

The two main differences are the LEDs that tell you if the vibrato/reverb is on/off and most importantly, the cable. The current VFS-2A model accepts any stereo cable. Mine has a built in 6ish feet long non-removable cable.

Now the pedal works well. The problem is that the cable is very short. Not a huge problem for jams but we often gig on larger stages so I have to put my footswitch 10-15 feet away from my board, which is a huge hassle for some songs.

I tried two stereo extensions like these

and none of them worked. When they were plugged in, the effects stayed on and pressing on the buttons did nothing. I verified both extensions through other applications and they are both functional.

Has anyone heard of a problem like this? Heard of any fixes?

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Thats weird.

The only thing I can think of is that the shaft on the end of the cable thats attached to the footswitch may be too short to to make proper contact with the extensions.
I have run into a similar problem with some power adapter plugs.

What I ended up having to do was trim back some of the rubber part of the plug with a razor blade (Box knife, exacto blade) making the metal shaft a little longer.
You have to be REALLY REALLY careful doing that otherwise you risk damaging the plug itself. If you try that, cut back about .5 mm at a time.

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Notice that the footswitch cord is tip/ring/sleeve like a stereo jack but may be wired differently. You may have to make it yourself. With an ohm meter that has a continuity check (I think most do) you can determine which pins are the active ones and just make a similar extension. Just a thought. I have this switch for one of my VOX amps and it seems OK. The footswitch for my VOX VT30 has the longest cord I have ever seen on a footswitch. It must be close to 20-25 feet.
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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I'm a little reticent to cut into it so far so maybe I'll start with rickholly's suggestion!