I found this pedal I want, but I'm not sure which kind (signal conditioners, filter effects, modulating effects, etc.) of pedal it is.

It's called the Electro-Harmonix The Ravish Guitar Synthesizer Guitar Effect Pedal. It's basically a sitar simulating effect pedal. I'd like to add this to a pedalboard, but not quite sure where I'd put it on the pedalboard.
EHX labels it under "Octave, Synthesis, Pitch." It's a very sensitive pitch synthesis pedal, using your guitar pitching as the analyzed material to produce the sitar sound. It needs the cleanest signal possible, so put it as close to your guitar as you can. I wouldn't put a distortion before it unless you wanted some really crazy tones. With compressors, boosts, and other such clean tone-shaping pedals, you can have a bit of freedom.
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it would depend on how i'd want to use it, it could fit in quite a number of places depending on you pedal board setup.
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