I'm at the moment a solo artist, and as of May last year I've been writing and recording on a regular basis. These are my originals, I'll post a link of each one and a short description, no bullshit.

Tips, tricks, praise, shitpicking, death threats and general comments are warmly welcome


Rain - Short, but sweet. Instrumental, recorded at home, soulful, not much shredding but its not just shitty soloing over a backing track either


Dyad - Darker, a little longer, and more fast playing. Instrumental. Recorded at home. Recurring elements and stuff, a cool break after the second playing of the main idea.


Further - Vocal. More Alternative. Kind of long. Lighter elements, quite different to other stuff. I like it.


Rainbow Bridge - My longest guitar piece yet. Instrumental. Recorded at home. Features some classical guitar. Different sections, repeated ideas, this took a while to write and is more complicated but I like it. Has some cool soloing.

If there is some interest in this Ill post more of my music as it comes
Sorry, no death threats; thank you for the reviews! "Rain": Nice lead guitar tone & playing! Can't think of anything to gripe about, just a very nice song! Nice audio quality. "Further-1": not familiar with folk music from New Zealand, so for me, sounds like folk music from the UK somewhere, with pleasant alternative guitars (a bit like The Smiths/Morrissey). Sounds less folksy now that drums are playing. Singing/vocal melodies are pretty good, good harmony vocals. Nice tune & audio quality. Nice bass tone on both tunes. Say hi to Robin for me.
Overall, your lead playing is clean and articulate, your tone is fantastic, and you seem to have a pretty smart sensibility of note choice, but I think you need to let your rhythm section breathe a little more.

In Rain and Dyad, you've got some cool stuff going on in the background, but it's drowned out by wave after wave of leads and solos. Eventually the rhythm starts to feel like an afterthought that exists solely as a vessel for the lead guitar, which unfortunately grows monotonous. If you give the rhythm its moment in the spotlight it'll make that lead guitar really shine and give it that "wow" factor when it comes in.

Further was a really nice track, if that's you on the vocals you have a nice voice. Rainbow Bridge was pretty good, especially the build-up in the beginning of the song, but some of the notes in the lead guitar sounded very dissonant with the backing track.

Overall, you've got a lot of talent going for you but I think you need to work on building your lead guitar around the song, and not your song around the lead guitar. Keep it up!

Exellent production, especially with the vocals on "Further" which is my favorite of these. Great use of melodies and atmosphere on every track. At some points, on "Rain" in particular, some of the doubled lead guitars struck my ears a little bit. I think for the most part just one lead guitar track would've worked with other guitar occasionally doubling it or playing harmony. The lead guitars take a bit too much space in the mix to my liking. Your note choices are good and your playing is soulful.

Keep it up!
Hey thanks for the crit. I checked out Rainbow Bridge and Further, both very nice tracks.

Rainbow Bridge: The buildup was very nice. I loved the solo that started at 2:48, except the section 3:21 - 3:23 had some notes that kind of took me out of the zone if you know what I mean. They were quite dissonant. My main gripe though is the production. The solo guitars are very loud and the drums are too quiet. A better balance between the instruments might make the guitar stand out even more because I sometimes found myself paying more attention to the other parts just to see what was going on. It was a good track.

Further: I preferred this song, most likely because of the vocals. I feel like your guitar playing suits this style of song very well. I'm not as much a fan of instrumental music so I thought that the balance here was very well done. I really thought everything was great in this song, you have a nice voice, good melody, good playing, fantastic production, well done!
Shameless bump - Thanks for the crit guys. As a result I think these tracks (besides Further and maybe Rain) will sit as demos, and Ill redo them hopefully some time this year with my friend who is a producer. Once I do get that EP/album done and out there be sure to give it a whirl.

Keep the opinions coming guys! C4C!!!
Hey man I was checking out Rainbow Bridge and I like it. Kind of an interesting mix of classical guitar and power metal lol. I was wondering if you might be okay with me trying to add vocals sometime to it, but Im not 100% sure if I can make my voice fit with some of the high parts since my voice is more on the low end
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Dude, if you like, go ahead. I dont mind, I'd be interested in how it turns out. Just if you show it to people, be sure to credit me for the writing and stuff. But otherwise, go for it! And show me what you end up with!
The vocals are nice dude! I enjoy your guitar playing style as well, all though I usually don't like this kind of stuff. Your production is awesome. Way better than anything I could produce. I like it!
Hey man, thanks for the review.

Your songs are really not my type, but I'll try to give you a proper feedback.
I've listened to everything on your soundcloud, and I have to say that regarding production, mixing your sounds, there is nothing to say, you did it right. The guitar tones are well done, and you can hear everything clear. There is no distortion of sound, nor sound artifacts presents. Production wise it's great. The thing that I don't like, and this is just a personal opinion, is that you start with a great rhythm part, and then solo till the end. Maybe try and expand the rhythm sections? Try to have a break not just solos? Anyway, you're doing great, and every moment you're learning and gaining experience doing what you love.
Your intro delayed guitar effect riff really does sound like rain on a windowpane. Your leads/solos sound very "vocal," and really add to the song. They're catchy without being repetitive. I did find that the song itself doesn't seem to have a clear direction: it started with a cool guitar effect, then went into a great lead/solo section, but it didn't seem to go anywhere past that.

I see that the drums and bass are synth; you've programmed them well, and the tone is solid.
The guitar soloing is awesome! You have a great sense of musicality, and are clearly a skilled guitarist and songwriter. I like how you do have a main "chugchug chug chugchug" that keeps everything connected.
I like the dynamic lightening at three minutes in, it really lets the song breath from the intensity, before picking back up with a contemplative-sounding break. I love the layered guitars in that section.

A different sound from the others, which I enjoyed in a different way.
It seems to be skilfully restrained, by which I mean that I can tell that you're talented musicians, but you're letting your skills serve the song, instead of overpowering it. Well done.
The production sounds great. I love the way that the drums stayed out of it until 1/3 of the way in - that made them sound all the more powerful when they did start.
Great build with the song - involving harmonies after the drum build was a great call. The solo fits perfectly. Nice and warm and contemplative.

Rainbow Bridge:
Just based on the title, I knew this would be a really cool song.
Your drums sound better on here than they did on the other two home-recorded songs - fuller and punchier.
The acoustic guitar provided a nice lead-in. I found the sound to be evocative of Tesseract in all the best ways once the electric guitar section started. Great solo at 2:50, but I was thrown off by the scale at 3:20-3:22 - it didn't seem to fit the chord. I like how you scaled it back at 4:20 (lol) with the acoustic break. The heavy section that follows it was really effective because of the contrast.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1667895
i really enjoyed all of your songs, i think you definitely have your own style that stands out from the rest. i particularly liked "further" because it showed that you are well versed musically. i really like your leads in "rainbow bridge" because there is nothing i enjoy more than the sound of 2 guitars harmonizing. you have a very classic style of soloing, it reminds me of a lot of the bands i listen to. overall pretty epic, keep doing what you're doing. the only complaint i have is the very last lead note in "Dyad", i think it should've faded it out for a few more seconds, it almost feels like it ends in mid air and doesn't quite get to its destination. i feel like the last note of a solo is very important because it concludes the point you're trying to make. but like i said, everything else was solid, good job!
You have some great songwriting talents! The two that stood out to me the most were Further and Rainbow Bridge. Very smooth transitions from the classical guitar part to the full band sections. Mix sounds very well done also. Nice Work!
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Rain - Doesn't really seem to be much rhythm in this, would be cool to break it up a little, think more about the pacing, better phrasing, etc. At the moment just seems like too much attack.

Dyad - Done much better on that front, the transition at 3mins in provides a nice break, builds up some tension and sets up the outro nicely.

Further - Nice work, not really got anything to add to this.

Rainbow Bridge - Great job. Arrangement wise, can tell more work went into structuring it, etc. Only thing I'd add is to perhaps add a new melody in when the guitars come back in after 5 mins; sounds too close to the ones before.

Keep up the work
Hey Tommy, thanks for your review on my two songs.

Rain - I liked the main lead a lot, you play very well. The great weakness of the song is definitely the backing track. Although it starts great and does indeed sound like raindrops, the backing track has absolutely no progression and that ironically distracted me from the solo. It could use real drums in bass I think. The first slower part of the solo carries more feeling than the faster parts, and you are really good at it. A real rhythm guitar could have added more depth to the overall song. Nonetheless, there is someone captivating about the beginning and the ending also.

Dyad – The beginning reminds me so much of Breaking Benjamin although it is obviously not the same (I think the song “So cold&rdquo. The slowly fading in guitar harmonies in the beginning are pretty sweet. The fake backing track kind of kills the feeling of the next part, but being used to listen to songs via guitarpro or midi, I can tell it would sound great IRL. I found the interlude part a bit uninteresting, there’s room for something different. The structure of the song makes it like you could have done a song with lyrics with it too. What I like the most about your song is this kind of “darkness but there’s still hope” feel to it. I’d suggest trying to vary the rhythm guitar rhythm troughout the song. The syncopated punches at the beginning (1:10 and onwards) are good, but I would have changed them for a different riffage about 1:23. That’s maybe only me trying to prog up stuff though.

Nice job man. Will check on your other songs later.
Hey man, thanks for the crit. Rain isn't really the genre that I would listen to, but you have some nice lead playing. The I can't really hear what the rhythm guitar is playing (if there is one, I can't really tell) and the drums are a bit too quiet and seem like they need more definition. Further is really nice. Your playing is pretty clean and the vocals are clear. I actually like the part w/o the drums, but they sound good overall. When the vocals and drums are there, I wish the guitars would be a bit louder, it kinda sounds like they are behind the bass, instead of in front. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
Further is such a good track man!

The backing vocals are top notch
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First off recording quality is great. Vocals could be better. The verse seems like its a little low for you. I really dig the guitar tones, especially the delayed lead line. I really disliked the drums when they start. To me it doesn't the feel of the song. Something more driving would be nice. Overall I enjoy the writing, but the production of the song could improve for me.
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these sound nice, i left some basic ideas if you want them. i hope my feedback helps you.
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thanks for the crit man! Appreciate it, link me to your stuff you want me to listen to