A new ESP guitar bought.. well the body, without a neck and no electronics..

The plan for this year is to do it up from just a shell into a useable guitar, for a complete novice when it comes to electronics with guitars, how difficult is it likely to be?

Surely there are enough videos on Youtube to be able to muddle my way through it all?

Any suggestions or things to look out for would be good! Thanks!
Neck will be the hard part presumably. Unless you can get a neck off the same model of guitar.

The rest should be doable with some soldering experience (which you can get by practicing before doing it on the guitar, it's not hard).
You can definitely do it if you're willing to do a lot of research. Make sure everything fits before you buy it. Assemble it after you get everything, otherwise you'll end up retrofitting stuff multiple times. Guitar electronics are the easiest wiring I can think of.

You can find just about any reasonable wiring diagram at http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/. As Preacher said, you'll have to do some research to make sure your neck fits the neck pocket. I think you'll be amazed at how much more you know about guitars when you're done.
parts are way more universal so finding the right stuff is easy. Ebay or a higher end parts place depending on the guitar. Tonepros , Schaller, Grover, Gotoh, Sperzel and so forth come to mind.

besides basic tools:
a 30w soldering iron
lead solder - 60/40 rosin core I recommend - don't use lead free if your irons meant for lead
wire - 24awg - "guitar wire" on ebay for 1$ I tend to use
start with used pickups so you dont break anything

if you go passive insulate the guitar with copper tape for more clarity - insulate each cavity for pickups and the control cavity and run a ground wire from each humbucker cavity to the volume pots ground

higher end electronics? CTS or bournes.
500k for humbuckers. 250 for single coils. Linear (B500k) over audio taper pots (A500k)
0.033 or 0.047 capacitor for the tone knob - material matters big time
any wiring questions feel free to ask me I make my own custom wiring harnesses without looking at diagrams

when soldering
wiring diagrams on seymour duncans page, just use the right pickup color code if you're not using their pickups but their diagrams are great
tin the iron tip and keep it tinned, have a wet sponge nearby
tin the contacts on the electronics
strip the wires and tin them too, i know so much tinning
so contacts are like a little hold you solder over, then put the wire through the wall of solder as it turns to liquid for a short period of time and then hold the wire there

for the back of the volume pot you could solder anywhere to it and it works so you can have one small blob just for the neck pickup and another for the bridge

for the tone capacitor if its higher end use gator clips as a heat sink to not damage the capacitor. The good news is that capacitors are not polarized (to be put in specifically).

for the input jack remember the sleeve is metal to the base of it, makes sense on the seymour duncan diagrams and the tip has no metal at the base if it makes any sense.

other than that and assuming all the parts fit and work together remember to solder flat the more soldered down the better. Don't make it stick out like an antenna.. make sense?

you'll do great, wiring and assembling a guitars a breeze
You're all stars thank you!!

The neck is no problem as the neck came with it and I've already fitted it! Was thinking putting in some EMG's as they have the upgraded pots needed and some of them are solderless which could make it easy.. which then just really leaves putting on a Floyd Rose bridge.. I've used them for years so it should be straight forward shouldn't it..?

Thank you again, wasn't expecting such detailed responses!!