Ok, say I have my guitar's humbuckers (neck and bridge) both wired in parallel, and I have the option of blending in any of the 4 coils in any fashion that parallel wiring will allow.

What are the naming conventions given to the various combinations?

Like North+North would be what? Parallel switched to something else? Both Outer-Coils would be what? Inner, both souths, etc... Thanks for any help .
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I don't think there are any particular names for them beyond what you said. They're not popular enough to need shorthand.

I'd just call it "both north coils," "both outer coils," etc., and have mostly seen them written that way.
both stay with the name parallel, there is just accentuation when talking to guys about it like outer coils or inner coils parallel.

this is a good example of it used in a super 5 way to look at the list of names given, Ibanez and so forth I can imagine it's the same.

I've still got to draw out that diagram in photoshop we did. I'm glad I could help make it happen. Wasn't the seymour duncan site grand to help too.
Well I mean it doesn't have to have shorthand necessarily, was just wandering what it actually is.

Like if you take a parallel wired set of pickups, and use both north coils, what is that now actually? You know? Like how when you have a fender, the middle and south coils together will work together in a specific way... like "in-series" or "out of phase" etc... like the diagram sais "Outer Coils Parallel"...
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that is something to think about tonight. I've had a busy night but if I was to guess I'd say a series connection if it's a similar tone to all 4 poles on 100% and in the middle position.

by the way I got another mod to check out. I'll mention it on facebook it's in a series of schematics and mods for once you get those triple shots besides out of phase or the TBX inspired mod you're gonna put in it