Hi guys,

so recently i've got myself the classic BIG muff pi! And I love it The classic fuzz sounds so nice through my marshall amp.

So I've heard about stacking the fuzz with overdrive pedals which are used to boost the fuzz sound. I've only got my Marshall gv-2, which is a distortion pedal. I know it has more gain than an overdrive, but I was curious.

So i've tried to put my gv-2 before the muff, it worked out ok. It gives a bit of a volume boost, and it got noisier but it did not make any drastical changes to the fuzz. Then I tried to put the guvnor after the muff fuzz > dist, which changes the sound alot, but in a good way. If i set up both pedals well I could get a very nice fuzz. However, when i set up fuzz > dist I could hear noticable changes in tone while i'm playing (dont know the right word to expl.) Its like the tone of the muff changes constantly while i'm playing

i've tried all setting (gain/volume) but could not find the solution to the problem
I really don't know what the problem is, technical problem or just a bad combination of the pedals? Or do I just need a overdrive or other boost pedals to stack with the muff ? Does someone else has experienced or heard of this before ??
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I use and love a Big Muff, I think a boost/od pedal works much better for pairing with a Big Muff than a distortion, unless a muddy, wall of noise is your goal. For some reason, I prefer stacking a Big Muff with another Big Muff over stacking it with distortion, if you're gonna go, go hard, haha. But I love the results I get stacking a Soul Food with a Big Muff (a Boss Blues Driver works well too, but I prefer the SF). I never put anything after fuzz, always before, but that's just me, no harm in doing whatever you want.
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^ that's what i'd have thought. that being said, if you're happy with how the guvnor sounds that's just fine too.
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Have you done the simple mod to the guvner2 I did it to mine its just snipping a cap out of the circuit that allows more high end and tone control. Can't remember the exact one but I did it and its like taking a blanket off your amp when using that pedal. Google it.
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Perhaps cut the 'sustain' knob and the gain on the Guvnor and it'll help clear up a bit, and stop any kinda weird artifacts. Chances are you have enough distortion anyway going through it, so it won't make a huge change to your sound, but it might help give it a bit of clarity if that's what your after. Take all the deep control off from your guvnor as well, because holy shit I don't know why they actually put that on the pedal, just makes everything muddy as hell.
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