I really love this song by Russell Crowe, but because his music career is relatively unknown I can't find tabs/chords anywhere for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure it out as I haven't learned to play by ear yet. Even just the basics to get me going would be appreciated. Thanks

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I will try and do the entire song for you tomorrow.ok

Sweet, thanks so much!
Here you go ..just finished it... The picking pattern is up to you .... I gave what is basically how he plays it but feel free to improvise as I don't really put down the entire picking pattern...lazy I guess...LOL
But it will show you what he is basically doing ok... He is basically holding a D chord and playing bass notes as indicated ok...and if you look at the intro I am holding the D chord and then removing one of my fingers that goes to another bass note ...


Please rate 5 stars when you try it ok... I would appreciate it
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Thank you so much for doing this, it sounds perfect! Rated 5 stars for sure

This was just what I needed, I got the picking pattern no problem. Really made my week!