So I want to start building pedals and I was wondering what type of pedal would be the easier to start with? I have basic electronics knowledge (my dad is an actual electronics engineer so that helps)

Are there any DIY kits that I could start with?

Usually people start with a Fuzz Face because it is/was so popular and has so few parts, but that's not really a good one to start with because it requires special transistors that must be very carefully selected; a Fuzz Face is extremely easy to build but quite difficult to get to sound good. There are variations on this circuit that use modern transistors and eliminate the need to hand-select components, though. The Sili-Face II from runoffgroove.com is a great one (runoffgroove has a lot of good DIY circuits). There are about as many Fuzz Face derivatives out there as there are stars in the night sky.

Boosters and distortions tend to be the simplest types of effects.

But I would suggest starting with a kit. This will greatly expand your options for circuits because they all come with printed circuit boards. Just plug components in and solder; no need to make layouts and such. In general, building on perfboard is a lot more difficult than building on a PCB, so a relatively complicated or high-parts-count circuit can be built very easily on a PCB where it would be quite difficult on perf.

There are a lot of kits out there as well. I've heard good things about Build Your Own Clone. I don't know of any others offhand but a quick google search should bring up plenty of kit sellers.
I know just the guy who can help besides a DIY ebay kit. This guys fantastic. He's insightful and doesn't leave you in the dark about certain aspects like why you're using this or that piece. He has some easy to follow instructions on PDF format.

one DIY project Joe (tonefiend) does you make a push pull that turns a tone knob into a distortion knob. The schematic and all is provided.

however beavis audio research is a great place to check out for serious information. A few other sites come to mind but for the most part for a first build have fun and then gather knowledge as you go. I tell guys about all the wiring mods I know for guitars and they are like ....what!

anyways here's the guys youtube channel
Distortion or Fuzz because the circuits are super simple.
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