I'm a intermediate guitar player but I have no clue about recording.

I would like to record guitar covers for a youtube channel,
but I have no clue about the recording process and getting it onto a computer.
I know people use Pod Farm and Line 6, I have search them up and I don't know even where to begin or what to use them for.
I am useless with the recording and mixing and what I need to even start to record.

Can someone please explain what I will need to record and what equipment and what they are used for?

Thank you!
Most of the people who use Line 6 have either a UX1 or UX2. A few POD's here and there as well. But it depends on what you're trying to do. If you want to actually do some original stuff and get some some high quality recording though, then you might want to get a better quality interface. I have a UX1 and I only use it if i'm jamming out or want to do a quick cover. I got it used on Amazon for like $100.
What's your budget like? What do you plan on recording right now? What are your goals in the long run? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you start diving into the world of recording.
For an introduction to recording, read the introduction to recording sticky.
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I have a job so I can get the money easily enough, i'll just have to save it. I want to start up a guitar youtube channel which are covers and hopefully some of my own material. And my goals in the long run would be a professional guitarist.
I'll assume you have a decent smartphone/video camera that can take HD video. You need the following:
- a DAW (say Garageband or Reaper) to edit your audio and edit the effects of your guitar
- Microsoft Video Editor/iMovie
- Recording interface (cheapest one is probably the focusrite scarlett solo but since you're working, the stickies recommend at least the 2i4)

How to record a cover:
1. What you would do is plug your guitar into your interface to the DAW and dial in your preferred tone
2. Then put the song you want to cover in your DAW, preferably a few seconds (see point 6 to understand why)
3. Set up your smartphone so you can see your guitar (and your face if you want! possibly clean up your room as well...lighting can also help I guess??)
4. Press record and strum a few dead notes on your guitar then play when you song starts
5. After that's all finished, your happy with your tone, make sure the volume of your playing and the song you're covering is balanced
6. Export the audio clip you recorded in the DAW to the movie editor and sync up the audio with the video audio (remember the dead notes in 4.? Use that as a reference as there should be several audio peaks in the beginning)
7. Mute the sound from the video as you should be using the sound from the DAW (it sounds better!)
9. Render and wait an eternity to upload to YouTube
10. Receive copyright notices from the publisher cuz they have nothing better to do
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(I recently got a Pod HD500X so this is quite obligatory. )

I'd say the Pod HD series would be the most convenient and easy to setup rig if you just want to do some recording. It's an audio interface and effects processor all in one with amp/cab/mic simulation and a whole bunch of effects. It can also be used to connect, via USB, to your computer for recording purposes.

You can put it before your amp, or put it direct straight into a DAW of your choice (Reaper would be the obvious one as it's really cheap at $60 for the full version, free for the evaluation version).

It's not exactly cheap but for what you get it's a pretty good deal. Unless you're really good with the settings and are awesome at mixing, it's probably not as good as the Axe-FX II out of the box. But the main selling point is that it's very convenient. It's just one unit that lets you do a lot of things. My current rig is guitar -> HD500X -> computer and it covers a lot of what I need from it.