Ok so not only is this my first post but I'm also a first time Floyd Rose owner and I didn't want to read through a million threads and try to figure things out that way so I figured I'd just start my own thread. I just bought a Charvel San Dimas and it has an original Floyd Rose on it with a recessed cavity. I play in Drop C tuning with Ernie Ball slinky tops heavy bottoms and so I'm just wondering what the low down is as far as spring configuration, set up techniques and just any tips and tricks you have about the Floyd Rose in general. Thanks!

should be some info in the first post there

you could also try youtube, there are some good videos on there (though i haven't specifically looked for any floyd ones). might be more useful than something to read, if you're mechanically-challenged like me it's normally easier to see someone else do it first.

the main thing is to remember to block the bridge before you take the strings off. it's not the end of the world if you don't (you just dive on the trem and then block it) but if you restring without blocking the trem it won't work.

and then it's just a matter of trying to get the trem to balance level with the new string gauge on. it gets easier the more often you do it (and if you stick in that tuning and string gauge it'll be a lot easier from now on).
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The biggest thing I've found is to just let it settle in and stabilize. It will take some time, especially since your in Drop C, but it'll work. Get the spring tension set and make sure the floyd is flat and not angled forward or backward. Personally I don't use my floyd guitar as much as I use my Ibanez RG with the Edge Zero bridge, or anywhere near as much as my fixed bridge guitars, but I work with them a lot and can say they are amazing. Have fun bud!!!!
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