I'm having a mass clear out of guitars/effects etc to buy more anyway, the problem is I've bought things on ebay for a year or so no problem, and the way they've got it makes it look a breeze to sell..

Here goes, I've put a shed load of things on there to sell, most of which have bids on them and run out in just under a week, however one effects pedals the auction has finished for and the buyer has told me he's sent the money but I haven't accepted.. My ebay account has the same email address as my paypal account, am I missing something obvious in not being able to 'accept' his payment? I don't want to look like an idiot any more than I have, but with all the other auctions ending in days.. I'm panicking a little over what to do lol..

Can anyone help me in my unfamiliar selling ways? Thanks a lot in advance!
i don't think you need to accept the payment so he might be trying to scam you. if you don't have the money in your paypal account don't send the item

in the mean time contact ebay customer services and ask them
Thank you, on my paypal account it's got the fees I've had to pay ebay for the auction and the postage on the item, but it doesn't show the fee he has actually paid to me..? Am I right to be suspicious then?
on your paypal account it will have a plus and whatever the amount is and it'll say payment received under the name and you can click on it and it'll show the amount and the postage amount minus any fees but like i said contact ebay customer services and they should be able to sort out the issue
That sounds super fishy. If paypal doesn't show the money, he hasn't paid. There's no "accepting" on your behalf. you should get an email from paypal that says the money is on your account.
Don't do anything until you hear from ebay.
I've sold a ton of stuff over the years and have never had a single issue.
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Use craigslist and meet in a public place. Only will cost you a few bucks in gas to drive there and back.
If he's fairly new to Paypal then he needs to wait for authorisation or something, and he may be confusing this as waiting for you to authorise the payment.