I'm trying to figure out what you're supposed to do with your right hand while playing, or what's the better thing to do. I play metal. I tend to rest or hover the edge of my palm over the bridge with my pinky finger sort of curled and touching the frame of the bridge pickup. But I take it your picking hand is supposed to be free or "free-er"?

Looking at pros, just out of curiosity, I notice Kerry King rests his lower arm/upper wrist against the edge of his guitar. But that works only with a V. Hanneman at times looks like he's resting his forearm on the body as well but most of the time he strums fast with his entire forearm. Joe Haley picks rather up front over the neck pickup and his pinky is underneath the 1st string. Alexi Laiho also looks like he rests his forearm over the edge of his V but he does lift his hand a lot and then when he returns he rests his palm over the bridge and when he's doing something intricate he keeps the edge of the hand on the bridge.

Any thoughts?
It's widely agreed that anchoring is a bad habit.

Learning to orient your picking hand around the guitar without doing take some time to be comfortable with, but it is well worth it.
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I would say resting your forearm on the body isn't a bad idea (but that's coming from an SG-copy-owner, so I have neck dive to compensate...), and likewise resting your hand on the bridge when you have a stable one is fine. The problem with anchoring is the tension you build up and limitation of movement. Forcing yourself to hold your entire arm away from the guitar is pointless and, frankly, probably more strain on the relevant bits than resting it normally would be. If you're playing the higher strings, practically speaking resting your right hand on the strings is also good for muting.

Basically, the key thing is not to hold onto the guitar, or to put excessive pressure on your wrist/fingers. Beyond that, feel free to rest your forearm and palm on the body/bridge/strings, but for the sake of versatility if nothing else, be able to shift your right hand position away from the bridge, and indeed strings, when it suits your needs.

Personally, I broke the anchoring habit about a year into my playing, and these days my palm rests on the strings at all times, except floating if I need to play unmuted single notes on the lower two strings. I keep my spare three fingers on my right hand extended but relaxed, since I like to be able to mute all but one string with my right hand for long notes etc.

Take that all with a grain of salt as I'm far from a good player.
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I use different methods depending on what I'm doing. For rhythm parts where I'm just strumming, I don't rest anything, my right hand is always in motion and nothing touches the guitar but the pick. Most of the rhythm parts are done around the end of the neck. Depending on what I need for the part, I do a lot of muting too, putting the heel of my hand on the strings when needed.

For leads, I vary between the same and anchoring the pinkie either on the guitar body or on the bottom of the pickup.

In some cases I'll want to do some palm muting, so then the base of the hand is resting lightly on the strings just in front of the bridge.

For finger picking I usually lave the pinkie resting on the guitar body to keep my hand position where I want it. That also depends on what I'm doing, in some cases when doing rhythm parts it's the same as playing with a pick, not resting anything.
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I guess I can't float my arm above the pickups, I use my pinky to station my right hand, oh, that is if I am playing string skipping
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Never thought about it, apparently my hand is floating. Touching the body feels really bad and hampering to me. Couldn't play that way.

I play mostly thrash metal, so most of the time my palm is on the bridge anyway, but when it's not, my hand floats with the three useless fingers floating over the strings in a relaxed slight arc to avoid touching the strings. Never touching the body or pickups.

My forearm is always (loosely) resting on the edge of the guitar, holding it away all the time would seem really uncomfortable and exhausting to me. That's why I hate thick guitars with sharp edges, like Les Pauls. With longer playing time, the arm starts to hurt a bit, and I don't think it's very healthy either.