Does anyone have any experience with a problem I have with this software?
I am using PC, running in audio via a fender mustang, which works great!
However, I linked up a midi keyboard via a midi to usb box to use to lay down drums, keyboard etc. The software recognizes when keys are pressed, the midi monitor indicator flashes for each keystroke, but any instruments loaded on Ableton don't respond! For example, laying down a simple piano track - instrument loaded in the software, keyboard connected, track activated and recording. I play single notes or chords on the keyboard, the midi monitor activates but nothing goes onto the track!
I have contacted the software developers who told me to uninstall & reinstall, conatcted them afterwards, same issues, never heard from them again!
You may not have the track set up to receive data from the channel on which the midi controller is sending the data.
You can likely confirm the above if you don't hear any sound coming out of live when you're playing.
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You have to install your instruments, or keyboards have to be mapped, read manual on setting up midi. Usually say you have keyboard, you install it as a midi instrument even if just using the default settings, then you select to receive on all channels, then open new midi track and select record on input with the keyboard on output using a vst synth, then record and see if anything happens.

See if you can find some videos on setting up midi for Ableton.