Hey there! First of all I want to thank everyone who answered my previous post! Now I face a gear problem, and it's really annoying me. Here's the thing:

For xmas I bought a cheap 40w amp. For the price I thought it was freaking heavenly, so I tested and bought it. Today it started to give me some issues. When I'm on high gain channel and I play the 5th or 6th string (E & A) a frightful buzz appears. I tried to switch from guitar to guitar, from cable to cable, I tried to dial a little bit, but nothing. I really don't know how to describe this buzz, so here's a little example of it (First clean settings and after the High Gain Channel).


(Buzz it's more obvious from 0:15 sec.)

The amp is a Decond RS-40 (a national brand here). Any suggestions?

Thank you so much guys!
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First check to make sure all screws and knobs, jacks etc are tight, and not rattling around and vibrating - that is an easy fix- although to me it doesn't sound like that is the issue, it sounds like the speaker is being overloaded and farting out. You may need a new speaker. If it has a headphone jack, plug into that and see if you hear the same thing. If it still makes that sound when not using the speaker then the issue is something else.