Hey guys,

we are Symmetry a young four piece band from Austria. We just released our first rough homestudio ep and I would be glad if you give it a listen on bandcamp and give some honest crit.

Symmetry Bandcamp

Please be aware that the quality is rough and we are just starting out but anyway thanks to everyone for listening!

And of course C4C!

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SLEEPLESS - some fine rock music here, and the recording quality is not too bad either. This is full of promise for a first recording. The singing is fine- I feel that he should loosen up a bit and have more confidence in himself, he sounds a bit uptight! But the voice is fine.
This song is a bit slow-moving, quite an average song. But the band sound here is good, all the ingredients are here ready to go.
CHANGES - this song sounds very similar to the previous one, but the sound and arrangement in punchier, more immediate, with more raw power. Again the band sound very strong, good guitars, bass, and some great drumming. Again the singer needs to loosen up and become more certain of his style, but he should believe in himself, because his gritty voice is strong and perfectly suited to this sound. I think that the biggest weakness here is the lack of catchy hooks in this song, it sounds a bit bland, with no light and shade.
GOOD TIMES - again, a dark minor key moody song! And tune the guitar properly. I'm afraid that the band is less certain here, probably because this slower, more open arrangement is more difficult. Although the ideas are valid, the band definitely needs more rehearsal for this one.
MARCH 24 - best sound yet! Great entry with tight accents. Some neat chopping guitar work, very nice. The chorus section needs to lift more- could be helped by the melody moving to a higher range for this section. But the tight rhythmic arrangements show this band at their best. The dropped down middle section is great, a nice contrast and release of tension.
Overall, I'd suggest that the writing needs to be worked on, especially having more range in the melodies, as the singing tends to stay in a narrow range, and having more changes in texture, sounds, etc, between sections.
But all the ingredients are here, the singing and playing, and I think that for an first attempt this shows great promise, full of potential, and I believe that this band could achieve great things.
C4C here please.
I really like the guitar riffs, not a massive fan of the vocals, but they do the job. Sounds quite good for a first recording I'd have to say. Keep it up!