Anyone have one? Is it a good trem, close to original as far as tuning stability? I think this is the same system as in Lifesons LP with trem, but does his have an original FR with custom ghost saddles or this trem. Thinking about getting one for the Midi and piezo options.


demo of ghost

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I have the Ghost FR on a Variax JTV-89F. Far as I know, it's actually the Schaller-made (German) OFR with the Graphtech piezos added. Absolutely no issues with tuning stability (I've only had it a year and change, so far, but I've got another JTV-89F on order, due on the 23rd).

I think the Graphtech piezo saddles may be the best on the market, and I prefer them to the LR Baggs on the other Variax guitars.

BTW, how many people recognize the 45 RPM adapter in your avatar?
^ thanks, good to know. I'm gonna order one then.

and you are the first to comment on the 45 rpm !