Hi everyone. So just recently I bought a EHX Soul Food overdrive pedal. When I first started using the pedal, things were going fine. Lately, however, it's been making this really shrill, high-pitched screeching noise. When I switch the battery, it's fine, but then after a little bit, it starts right back up again. Does anyone know whats wrong with my pedal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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yes. use a power supply. the charge pump in the pedal drains the battery pretty quickly, which leads to the whine you're talking about.

Is that a design flaw and can it be fixed or is it that some designs just go through batteries like popcorn?
yeah i was not exactly that happy with the build of my memory toy. however, BBE is the only pedals brand that literally was purchase new and crapped out after about a day for no reason at all. will never be buying one again...
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ditch the soulfood, and get a klone. thats what i will be purchasing shortly.

but the Klones are a bit more expensive.
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What is the best Klon clone btw?

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TS, Go try a power supply first.
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Thanks for the advice, I've been hooking it up to a power supply, and it hasn't given me a day of trouble since.